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Everything in life changed because of a moment of courage.

I left corporate America before it was "cool" to do so!

About 3 years before the Great Resignation, I had one itty bitty moment of courage and said I'm done!

I had been feeling a pull to do something different for a long time. What? I hadn't a clue. I just knew that where I was, wasn't where I was meant to be. Sound familiar?

What I could put words to and what did make sense to me was that a life in a high stress corporate role was all-consuming...and I didn't get to do the things I loved, I had little peace, and my soul felt like I wasn't honoring it. I couldn't see any end in sight to it, either. I would never reach true fulfillment and have the freedom to do the things I loved with the people that meant the most to me if I stayed the course I was on. 

So I left!  I left a job making over $400k a year! WHAT? Yeah, that's what everyone around me said.

I did it anyway.

I became an entrepreneur and designed a life that afforded the freedom of time and location. One that also allowed me to choose the people I wanted to work with. I earn an income from my phone and teach others how to do so also.

It started out really rocky because the journey was exposing. It exposed certain things that were holding me back and had been there the entire time!

As an entrepreneur - everything was 100% up to me. And let me tell ya - NO ONE was coming to save me or pay my bills!

These things kept surfacing in my life and I realized they would never go away until I addressed them.

My issues weren't anything special. After coaching hundreds of women, I realize they are the same things standing in most people's way. I was just determined to not let them hold me back!



Fear of what others might think

Fear of Failure

Procrastination name just a few!

Sound familiar?

I can't say these things don't rear their ugly head from time to time but I have figured out a playbook to run a really good offense in life and make sure these things don't knock me off track! I am on a mission to share these tools with you also!

In addition to learning how to become really self-aware and to trust your intuition.

Developing resilience in life is so important! Sure we might have sprints here and there in life - but it's the long game that matters and I want to share the roadmap to resilience. 

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