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Kristy Kuhl

Mindset and Success coach


Kristy is on a mission to help you RISE into your true potential and to remind you that you are almost there – Keep going!


Her proprietary Success Blueprint™ empowers individuals and businesses to set themselves up for success each day and is proven to elevate  your Mindset, Skillset and Routine – leading to a framework of happiness, alignment, growth and results that are reproducible over and over again! 


Kristy started to develop this system when she was in corporate America, leading sales teams in the medical device industry. She has an eye for recognizing patterns and a desire to always find a system that works to maximize both personal and professional success.


Her personal journey started 10 years ago when she hit all the goals she set out to accomplish in corporate career and suddenly realized she had been chasing achievement at a big cost. Outperforming everyone in the most prestigious medical device companies she was part of – she had an awakening.  Unhappy and Unfulfilled, Tired and Empty. As Tony Robbins would say it, Success without Fulfilment is the Ultimate Failure, and she was feeling it!


On paper she had it all, but her heart was craving more and her body had had enough. A moment of courage and an honest conversation with herself, she decided to design a life that was congruent with who she was in this season of life. Today she has helped over 1000 people reach Success and Fulfilment.  Companies report their employees are happier, have higher productivity and lower stress. 


Individuals report  more joy, more happiness, less stress, the drive to step into their greatness and results! 


Keynote talks include:                    The Success Blueprint

                                                                Creating Confidence

                                                                Keep Rising, You Are So Much Closer Than You Think

                                                                Aligned and Alive 

                                                                Things Leaders Do



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Mindset and Success Coach

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