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Learn The Secret Formula To Shatter Limitations

And FINALLY, Step Into Your True Potential

It is time, my friend. The world needs you to step up and show your gifts! Success leaves clues and I have gathered the top 5 things that separate those that are doing it and those that are still standing in their own way.

Are you READY?

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Kristy Kuhl will cover:

  • How to Create More Confidence in all areas of your life

  • Attracting Abundance – How to use the Power of Manifesting to call in your desires. Overcome lack and scarcity mindset.

  • Overcome self-doubt, negative self-talk and imposter syndrome.

  • Why your habits are more important than your goals.

  • Ways you can Reclaim Your Time and learn live changing time management tips


We begin  on January 15th at Noon EST. Limited space available.

Replays will be sent out for anyone who cannot make this time!


The 5 Day Unleash your Potential Challenge

  • A way of life that naturally creates more confidence

  • Daily simple Manifesting techniques that will help bring your desires to you

  • Ways to quiet the inner critic and keep moving with massive action towards your goals

  • How to set up new habits that will make your goals a breeze to achieve

  • My secrets to mastering time, allowing you get it all done and still have time to have fun


Kristy Kuhl, Life and Business Coach

Kristy is in high demand because she shares the real, authentic truth about success and pulls back the curtain on what success looks like. The good, the bad, and those embarrassing things you don’t want anyone to the fact that she still struggles with moments of Imposter Syndrome. She not only shares the truth, but she offers step-by-step guidance on how to deal with those things that we all face - confidence, Imposter Syndrome, Authenticity, Procrastination, to name a few.  


After shattering every record, goal, and dream in corporate America, Kristy was destined to do anything she set her mind to. Most thought her next move would be to become the CEO of a Medical Device Company. After getting real with herself, Kristy decided to set out on a new path. You see, everything looked amazing on the outside, but she was dying on the inside. At the peak of her success, she shocked everyone by walking away to step into more authenticity, more truth, more alignment, and even more success. Today, she enjoys a life filled with happiness, joy, peace, and fulfillment, but most especially, she spends quality time and is fully present with those she cares about the most. Kristy is a Life and Business Coach - coaching CEOs, business owners, executives, leaders, and high-powered individuals who want to RISE into their true potential.  


“The same topics come up for everyone I coach, no matter their education, success, or skill level, and I want to bring the teachings I share with them to anyone looking for help in these areas”.


This is the first time Kristy will be sharing the foundational steps that go into her coaching and mentoring. With this foundation, all things are possible! Because this is her introductory group offering, she is slashing the price by over 70%!

You can sign up for this 5 day challenge for only

$497 $97

It is time to Unleash Your Potential: This Is Your Moment!

Mindset and Success Coach

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