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You don't have to see the new path from start to finish, you just have to take the first step.

Shannon Radel is THE travel agent to over 250 country music artists, labels and management. She shares her journey from small town Minnesota (population 500) to trusting a feeling and moving to Nashville 2 weeks after meeting her now husband. (20+ years together). She then went on to build Rising Star Travel, a prestigious niche travel agency.

She thought to herself, "I can always go back...but if I don't try, I will never know."


What you will hear:

How she recognized she was in a controlling relationship and what made her leave her first marriage.

What her guiding values are both in life and business.

A love story that is truly made for Hollywood - her husband literally picked her out of a crowd, invited her to a private party and she moved to Nashville 2 weeks later instead of forever wondering, "what if"?

What Shannon believes led to her success.

What it takes to become a client of hers and what has led to her firing several high-profile artists along the way.

Why she chose to foster children despite the fear of getting her heart broken.


If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, how-to, entertainment and a story that will intrigue you, this interview is for you.

Shannon is always looking for great travel agents to add to her team. Reach out to if you are interested in learning more.

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