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From Scared to Success: Conquering Your Biggest Fears This October

Why is NOW a particularly significant time for addressing and conquering our fears?

With Halloween festivities, the air of mystery and darkness surrounding us, it is an ideal time to explore our fears and decide which ones we are going to conquer!

Fear can take many forms, and confronting it can lead to tremendous personal growth and success.

1. The first step is awareness.

Acknowledge your fears and their impact on your life.

2. Decide what fears are preventing you from living the life you desire.

For example, let's say someone named Sarah has a fear of spiders. But she only sees one or two a year and the fear she experiences for a short minute twice a year isn't worth the work required to overcome this fear (in her opinion). Something more worthwhile for her is to overcome her fear of public speaking. Her dream is to become a public speaker, traveling the world and sharing her message. But every time she stands up in a room to speak, she freezes. Her palms get sweaty and she can't remember anything she wanted to say.

This would be a fear worth overcoming because it is standing in front of

her desires.

3. Once you have the fear identified, develop a plan to overcome it.

Here is where a coach or a mentor could be extremely helpful. If you don't have either one, look for someone who has overcome the same fear and model the small steps they took to overcome it.

In addition to achieving your life goals, overcoming fears builds resilience and self-confidence. It will allow you to break free from the limitations fear imposes and take risks. By conquering your fears, you will often find new opportunities, pursue your passions, and achieve personal and professional success you never thought possible.

It also raises the bar. Meaning, that the things you used to think were hard aren't so hard anymore because you just did this big scary thing!

Remember, facing your fears is a journey, and it's never too late.

The Fear of Regret is far more important than any fear we are facing right now.

What Fear is standing in your way?

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