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Creating More Confidence

Last week I had the privilege of sharing my tips on how to create more confidence with the audience of the Charlotte Today Show.

Here is a deeper dive on the topic because 4 minutes goes by SO FAST and I have so much more to share on this, especially since August is Suicide Awareness Month and I can't help but think that having more Self-Confidence can help.

One of the things that we forget as adults is that we have the ability to design a BIG part of our life. NO MATTER what your current circumstances are.

No matter what your job, relationship, friendship, physical or health situation is, you can still take the reigns and design so much.

1. The first step to cultivating more Self-Confidence is to know yourself.

Who are you?

What do you stand for?

What do you believe in? What are your values?

What are you great at?

What are not so great at?

OWN who you are!

2. Take inventory of when you feel the most confident.

What people (if any) were you with?

What was your support system like? Who played a positive role?

Were you well rested? Well nourished?

Did you feel good in your body?

Was this a time in your life when you felt fulfilled?

Were you having fun?

Were you stressed?

If it was something that required preparation, were you prepared, and if so, how did you prepare?

Now make the same list for the moments when you didn't feel so confident.

Are you starting to see that our environment, who we surround ourselves with and how we take care of ourselves plays a big role?

Ok great! There is more to add to this .....although this might be enough for you and thats great!

3. If you need to acquire more skills/experience- take the time to do so.

Period. You will not become a better public speaker if you don't practice. So write out your talk, stand in front of the mirror, and practice. Practice in front of a group of comfortable friends who love and support you and watch your confidence in public speaking soar!

4. Set Realistic Goals.

One of the fastest ways to crush your own confidence and self-belief is to set the bar too high in the beginning. Set a goal you can reach. You can always increase it later but if you don't hit it initially, you will be less inclined to think you can hit the next one. Set a realistic goal and do what you said you were going to.

If you say you are going to the gym tomorrow, identify a time that you can actually make that happen!

Give yourself grace! Every day is a new day and you will get better at building more self-confidence over time!



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