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5 Ways to Boost Productivity and Use Fall's ENERGY

Ahhh, the daylight hours are less, and the coziness of a warm home seems to be calling our name a little stronger during this season. Fall is here! And if you are craving more rest and downtime, this is your permission to take it! End the day early with a warm tea, your favorite show, journaling, or a warm bath. Sleep in a little later while it is still dark outside and let your body rest up from a busy summer. Perhaps a busy year!

Now if you are going into fall ready to go but are finding yourself not sure how to get it all done with shorter daylight hours, the rest of this information is for you!

Fall requires us to think a little more about our day and plan. Perhaps you need to rearrange a few activities because of the weather or darkness. As an example, I can no longer take my dog for a walk immediately after my 5:30 a.m. workout because it is pitch black out. So I switched a few to-do's around in my morning routine in order to accommodate a later morning walk. Take a moment to see if you need to re-engineer any part of your day.

1. Fall is a time of structure - and if you look around you will see there is less to focus on. Leaves are departing the trees, flowers aren't in bloom. There is less distraction. What are 1 or 2 things you can focus on completing every day? Find a moment to write these down for tomorrow and then immediately schedule them into your calendar for completion.

2. The trees let go of their leaves, reminding us how good it is to let go of things that no longer serve us! Can you take a moment to reflect on the day and identify anything that is not serving you? Thoughts, Stink'n Think'n, People, Bad Habits. Start to recognize and commit to replacing with thoughts, people, and habits that serve you!

3. Speaking of letting go, we are in our space more. Clutter will drain your energy and reduce your productivity. Can you take a few minutes each day to clean up, put things in their place, and even get rid of items that you no longer use? I promise you, that you will feel a natural boost in energy and more productivity

4. Get in Nature! The Smells, The Cooler Temperatures, and The Beautiful Colors will naturally boost your energy

5. Nourish your body! Fall is a time of harvest and a great time to replenish your body with locally sourced fruits and veggies that are in season!

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