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About Kristy


Kristy Kuhl

From corporate America to online entrepreneur. I am obsessed with helping others have the freedom they deserve. Freedom to choose. Freedom from the 9-5 grind. Freedom to be your unique self. Freedom to go where and when. Freedom to give and receive. I am a supporter of women and am committed to always learning and getting better.


When you are truly healthy and wealthy, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in your life. I didn’t start out this way though, it took taking life on the chin a few times for me to get the wake-up call I needed to find a way to thrive instead of survive.

On the outside, my life looked very attractive. I had the job of my dreams in disruptive medical device sales leadership, a fancy car, a nice home, and enough disposable income to travel and afford the luxuries I dreamed about as a child. Something was missing and I didn’t put my finger on it until I was 15 years into my career, attending every personal development conference and reading every book I could find, desperately trying to find peace and happiness. At a Tony Robbins program, I heard him say this phrase, “success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” and it shook me to my core. That was what I was living…a life without fulfillment. Not to mention a very stressful high-pressure life both from the expectations in my corporate role and the stress I put on myself each day. I was exhausted, unhappy and unfulfilled.I knew there had to be a better way and in a moment of courage, I made the leap, pivoted and began redesigning my life to one that made me feel fulfilled in every aspect. I also became congruent, auditing my list of friends, activities, co-workers, and philanthropic alignments. Life is totally different when you are living in your purpose, have fulfillment, and are 100% congruent.

Enough about me…I want to learn about you! I look forward to supporting you on your journey to achieving both by recognizing the gaps that exist and helping you  build the bridge that leads you to where you want to go.

My superpower is my unique point of view; I see the blind spots of those I serve, bridging them from where they are to where they are trying to go.

Connect with me if you seek to design a better life for yourself; one filled with an abundance of happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth. Everything you need is already within you now. I simply work closely with you to unlock your full potential and ensure you live a life filled with passion.

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